Transparency Report

All about the money. What was spent. What was earned.

I'm a big fan of #buildinpublic, and since this is a community project, I want to be totally transparent about what's going on here, including the money and monetization aspects. So, I'll be keeping this page updated with all the details on how much money was spent and earned, even when there was no money made at all.

💵 Spent

Spent onPrice (in US$)Notes
(1. year, 2023-03-10)
6.30Domain Deal
Hosting0.00Cloudflare Pages
(until May)
(since May)
Total6.30Quite a cheap start

💵 Earned


MonthAmount (in US$)Notes
March0.00just started
April0.00made it work


What does it mean to “Build in Public”?
Unlike a lot of startup jargon that is confusing to the uninitiated, building in public is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. When a startup builds a product or service in public, they allow people to see their building process from the start.

To be clear:
I don’t see this as a startup of any kind.

I like the philosophy behind all the amazing #buildinpublic projects you can find on Twitter for example; or elsewhere.

There are so many developers, designers, and people around that just want to start something – so I thought I go with it. Even if I totally fail in terms of making money. 😂

This isn’t the purpose of this project at all.

This project is way more for me than just making money.

Making money wasn’t even a thought when I started it.

It’s more like reviving a foundation for new and upcoming ProcessWire enthusiasts and a nice bookmark for myself to find my preferred shortcuts in some cases.

Yet the domain is quite expensive in the 2nd year so I might have to make at least some money with it. Otherwise I might have to cancel one or another ProModule – no, just kidding. 😉

Will there be ads?

There is a whole page about Advertisement in which I explain if, why and what kind of ads could be around here in the future.

Don’t be scared or angry.

Have a look!