Will there be ads? Yes! Some. But...

The main reason I started this project was to revive a foundation of ProcessWire with a long history that has helped lots of developers tackle everyday tasks in ProcessWire. Making money with it wasn't and won't be my main focus. It's really just about bringing back this helpful tool for everyone to use.

Will there be ads?

Yes! Some. But…

  • not in /recipes/. recipes will be ad-free. No ads within, no ads around. Most of the recipes come from the community therefore I don’t monetize them to make money at all. Not now. Not in the future. The whole /recipes/ area will stay totally ad-free.
  • Yet within other (upcoming) parts of this site ads or some form of monetization will become part of this website BUT only on content I created by myself. As soon as something comes from the community, ads won’t be displayed or added at all.

Blacklist for advertisements

There will be NO display ads from these networks:

  • NO Amazon
  • NO Google
  • NO Facebook
  • NO Snapchat
  • NO TikTok
  • No display ads at all

There will be NO ads for these kinds of […] services:

  • Raid Shadow Legends, Hello Fresh, Squarespace, Skillshare, Established Titles, and many more well known ads you’ve seen on YouTube
  • VPN providers
  • Usenet providers
  • Forex or Crypto
  • AI Courses

There will be NO 3rd party ads of these formats:

  • Advertorials
  • Native advertising
  • Reviews
  • Opinion pieces

Whitelist for advertisements

I considered creating a whitelist of acceptable ads, ad formats, and advertisers, but ultimately decided against it. There are so many potential services and companies from various niches that I’d love to see as advertisers or partners. However, to be fair, even the best ones sometimes don’t have the most optimal solutions or offers when advertising. So, whenever a company, brand, or service wants to advertise or partner up with us, I’ll take a close look at their offer to ensure it’s the best one for our community.

Most of the time, it will be me reaching out and contacting potential advertisers about partnerships or deals for our community. I don’t want to promote WordPress hosting from a mass-hosting provider that nobody needs.

To clarify once more, ads are not my main focus. If a potential advertiser has an attractive deal, I’m open to having a conversation.