Submit your recipe to ProcessWire Recipes

Basic Recipe Markup

This guide will help you to submit your very own ProcessWire Recipe very soon. For the moment please use this basic markup for new recipes.

title: "Recipe title"
version: (if available)
  - "your forum name" || or other
  - co-author
  - tags
  - matching
  - your
  - recipe
processwire: 3.0.210 (min) || 3.0.168 (tested)
  - AwesomeModule
  - TextformatterAwesome
  - PHP 8.0
  - Service API Key

## Problem:


## Solution 1 (old approach):


## Solution 2 (since PW 3.0.210):


## Resources:


Clone the repo

You can find the official repository on Github:

Follow the instructions provided by Github and clone the Recipe Repository to commit changes and make pull requests.

Submit Pull Request

Describe the recipe or your changes or anything that important to know. Pull requests with commit messages like Updated recipe and other less meaningful commit messages will be ignored.

Don’t forget

  • Add yourself to the authors list
  • Change the version number or add one