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Since went down and never came back 😔, I decided to have some fun with all the ProcessWire Recipes. I moved them over to a fresh new instance of 11ty running on Cloudflare Pages, which is accessible from a public Github Directory.

Google Pagespeed Performance page speed results

I was pleased with how the results looked at first, but I soon realized that they were outdated. Nowadays, there are more considerations to keep in mind, such as accessibility and best practices.

Website Carbon Footprint carbon footprint

I also checked the website’s carbon footprint, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It performed better than 98% of all pages that were tested, which made me feel really good about using a static site generator on an EDGE hosting provider.

Recent changes

See more updates and changes in our changelog.

Site details

  • This site went online on 2023-02-25
  • This site uses 11ty to render .md files into .html
  • This site is hosted on Netlify
  • This site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages

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