Create breadcrumb of page titles for html title tag


You want to have a html page title that shows the rootline to the current page, for example “Hot News « Articles « Cool Website”, if your page tree looks like this:

|- Home (Cool Website)

|-- Articles

|— Hot News


Put this in your _func.php or where ever your setup has a place for shared functions

function renderPageTitle($options=array()){
	$defaults = array(
		'glue'    => ' « ', // ' » '
		'reverse' => true   // false
	$opts = array_merge($defaults,$options);
	$page = wire('page');
	$parents = $page->parents;
	$items = array();
	foreach($parents as $parent) {
		$items[] = $parent->title;
	$items[] = $page->title;
		$items = array_reverse($items);
	$out = implode($opts['glue'],$items);
	return $out;

and then use it in your template like this:

<?php $pageTitle = renderPageTitle(); ?>
<title><?php echo $pageTitle; ?></title>

This will list the current page first, and every parent page up to the root/home page after, separated with a “«”. If you want to reverse the the order, there is an option array parameter, where the order and the “glue”, the char that’s shown as a separator between the page titles, can be specified.

$options = array(
	'reverse' =>
false, 'glue' => ' | ' ); $pageTitle = renderPageTitle($options); ?> ...
<title><?php echo $pageTitle; ?></title>

this will print out “Cool Website | Articles | Hot News”.